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Snoobi Analytics GDPR Support - Check your Snoobi ID

When you visit a website that uses Snoobi Analytics, Snoobi Leads or Snoobi Prospekter and consent with cookies to be placed on your browser, an unique visitor ID is created and stored in a cookie in your browser. Snoobi does not store additional identifiable cookies in your browser and any information is for the exclusive use of the owner of the website.

The information below shows the Snoobi ID as it exists in the current browser. If you are using additional computers or browsers to access websites then you may have multiple Snoobi ID's for each browser.

If no Snoobi ID exists for this browser then you will see the the text 'You don't have a Snoobi Visitor ID for this browser', otherwise you will see a message such as ' Your Snoobi visitor ID is: 1036644383-95ebcd4a9dd5d019e23c892a89fea683'

You dont have a Snoobi visitor ID

You can use this information to check the various Snoobi ID's you have, but you can also request insight in the information a website has collected from your visits with this Snoobi ID.
You will need the copy the complete visitor ID and send that to the owner of the website for which you want to check your access details.

It is possible that no information exists for this Visitor ID. It may already been removed from the website analytics or otherwise scrambled.

Please note that you cannot contact Snoobi B.V. for this information, as Snoobi can only work on request of the owner of the website and we have no direct access to your details.

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